Rear Bumper Removal and Rear Pan Installation

After removing the front bumpers and seeing how nice 'Pumpkin' looked, we (Norm) decided that the rear bumpers should also be removed. After researching several different variations of replacement rear pans we decided on the Real Rod Roadster Rear Pan. The removal of the bumpers was a one-person job, so Norm took care of that part of the project. Upon receiving the rear pan and reading the instructions, it required the removal of the trunk lid, so Pat helped with that and also in the installing of the rear pan. Although most of the job is a one or two person operation, Pat recruited Daryl, another Prowler owner, to help us reinstall the trunk lid, which was done without any trouble. The installation of the rear pan was accomplished in couple of hours and 'Pumpkin' looked even better.

This is just the beginning . . .

Both bumpers removed
Rear pan removed

Ready for the new rear pan
It's here . . . .

Protected from any damage
Looks pretty cool
Remove the trunk lid for easier install

Rear pan on, almost done
. . . all done!
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