Norm decided that he wanted some speakers for the rear deck that might add a little better sound to the stock system. After searching for something appropriate at the local audio stores and on the internet he decided on some High Performance Speakers made by Rockford Fosgate and purchased from After the installation was complete, we were very pleased with the results. Now we need to get some new cassettes . . . .

Norm waiting for Pat - she is slow . . .

Rear deck cover removed, wires in place

New Rockford Fosgate Speakers

Norm soldering connectors

Pat connecting wires

Pat replacing rear deck with speakers

Speakers installed

Finished ! ! ! !

We thought about replacing the front speakers, but weren't able to find anything that would fit (not a lot of room to work with), so will leave them as is for now.

Front speaker - stock 

Backside of front speaker cover

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