Proper adjustments of the rearview and sideview mirrors.

Adjust your (usually three) rear view mirrors so that you get the widest view possible. This is particularly important on multi-lane highways where you may have to keep tabs on lanes on both sides. Many drivers do not turn their outside mirrors out far enough and simply duplicate the same scene in all three mirrors. Rule of thumb: If you can see even a glimpse of the sides of your car in your outside mirrors they are turned too far inwards.

All mirrors reflect the same view.
Graphics and text by Roadrunning Magazine, they also have other driving tips.
Here's how to set them correctly:
1) Lean over until your head touches the side window glass. Now adjust the mirror outward until you can see just the edge of the car - with your head touching the side window glass.
2. Now lean over until you're in the middle of the car. Adjust the right mirror out until you can just see the edge of the car - with your head in the middle of the car.
3. Now sit in your normal position. The center mirror should show what's behind you. The left mirror should show who is in your left blind spot. The right mirror should show who is in your right blind spot.
Note: In some cars, adjusting the mirrors all the way outward isn't enough. The right mirror, is convex, so it covers the blind spot adequately. On some cars the left mirror, using flat glass by federal edict, is not. Try a small rectangular stick-on mirror, designed to fit on the lower inside edge of the left mirror and angled outward to eliminate the blind spot. It looks better than the round ones on trucks, and it works like a charm. You can buy these unobtrusive stick-on mirrors at most auto parts stores.
This information extracted from May/June 2001 issue of the Star Magazine. Article written by Curt Rich, Houston Section, Mercedes-Benz Club of America.

This procedure has been recommended by several sources:
Bill Buff, in his driving school, Driving Dynamics, The National Motorists Association, and Denise McCluggage, at And Radar Reporter described adjusting the mirrors this way.

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