John Hutchin's Unique Garages

Note: We met John via email/internet and because he has such unique garages we had to put this page together for him so he can show off his work. All text was extracted from an email to us, so they are his words.

Here are some pictures of our garage. The couch was the first of the things I made.
We had a 1959 Ford Galaxie retractable hardtop convertible, indian turquoise and white. We had the couch painted the same turquoise color. After that I made the 1959 Ford booth out of a 59 Ford Galaxie. The seats are a restaurant booth and I used a pedestal table. The dash is hooked up to a battery and the AM tube type radio, cigarette lighter and all the dash lights work. The back up lights are hooked to the accessory switch and come on when the key is turned on. The headlights are hooked up to the light switch and also have a dimmer switch for low and high beams.
The bar is made out of a 59 Ford Country Sedan station wagon. It is also hooked up to ac/dc converter and the switches are mounted in the gas filler door. One for the tag & park lights and the one for the backup lights.
We have 3 Seeburg jukeboxes (1958,1960 & 1962 models). The Rockola is a repo of the Whurlizer bubbler. The 1957 T-bird jukebox is an NSM Songbird. After selection of record it reeves up and the lights flash in the exhaust ports, then it plays a record. If it is not played every 15 minutes it reeves up and plays one of the top ten songs.
We used to have 4 convertibles, 59 Ford Retractable, 65 Ford Galaxie, 63 Buick Wildcat and a 64 Buick Wildcat also a matching 63 Wildcat 2 door hardtop. Also a 57 Ford Fairlane, 59 Ford Galaxie 2 door hardtop, 59 Ford Galaxie 4 door sedan. We also had a 54 Kaiser. We have sold all of them except the 57 Ford. It's Inca gold & colonial white.
After we sold the cars we had extra garage spaces so I painted the floor with 3 ft. black and white squares. The garage also has central air and heat. We are always looking for something else to add to it.
If you're ever out cruising and get in the area, stop by. Your PT Cruiser friend, John
(October 26, 2000)

 (Click on photo to see an enlargement)

I have added a few things, a coke cooler that I made into a couch, and I am always adding small things and hats to the collection. I also bought a 1964 buick Wildcat 2 door hardtop yesterday. There is a picture of a end table I made out of a PT Cruiser rim and a steering column of a 1959 Ford, steering wheel is a 1957 Ford. I also included a picture of the Wildcat.
(October 13, 2002)


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