Beverly Carlson

This is Beverly Carlson. A former member of the "B Boat Babes" in the America's Cup race, Beverly is now married to Gunnar the author of this homepage. Bev says she doesn't know how it works and doesn't want to know but just use her good picture! Bev is a hamradio operator, Extra Class, which means she can tell AC from DC. She is also a painter and vice president of quilting and sewing operations for Battlearmy Ent. She enjoys sleeping and watching TV. Beverly walks two blocks every morning, except Wednesday and Friday. Then she rests over the weekend to "Get the lactic acid out of my muscle." Bev's philosophy is " No Pain, No Pain." Contrary to rumors, Beverly is not involved in witchcraft. However she does consider a broomstick to be a valid means of transport. Bev's name comes from the old English and means "Beaver Meadow" She is fond of being called Beaver Meadow or just Beav. So....that means the Carlsons are "Gunnar and The Beav"