"The Yellow Can Rocket Boy" by Gunnar C. Carlson Jr.

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Gunnar Carlson


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Contents (Chapters marked with * are on this web page)


I get to explain why I wrote this book....see I'm not really nuts


The Rocket Man*

How to publicly destroy two rocket launchers and still stay in the Army 30 years


The European Trip from Hell*

European hotel rooms are cement pits. They simply hose them down between guests


Home Alone*

Locked out on the balcony, in only a bathrobe at 20 degrees below zero, stopped traffic when I jumped


The Mastenfeldt Files*

How to invent and document an identity and use it to terrorize the establishment bureaucracy


The Contrapolar Radio Spectrum*

A new spectrum of radio frequencies which are below zero Megahertz (negaHertz). Your antenna will probably freeze even in the summer


Great Balls of Fire

The hazards of firing a flaming tennis ball cannon in a residential neighborhood


Rules of Order

Survival guide for majors in the Pentagon. These rules work!


Post Service Exams for Soldiers and Sailors

See how much you learned in the Service


The Retirement Speech*

A complete double talk speech which will fool everybody until they realize you are saying nothing


Roo Bar-B-Que

Invent a pet kangroo, then anounce its escape from the back yard in a thunderstorm, on ham radio


Bay Crotch

What you can get from many days at sea on the Chesapeake Bay in a sailboat with no shower


Confessions of a Werewolf

Bitten by the Chupa Cabra, causes strange hair growth during the full moon, and a strange desire to buy a motorcycle


On a Roll

The Army song encourages undesirables to join the Army


Cherokee Jack

Terror in the moonlight caused by a coat rack at Grandma's house


Cocktails at Yukon Betty’s

What can happen if you go into a brothel in Alaska--- by mistake


The Solution

How to not lose your wife in Sam's Club, sure-fire solution


The Salt Creek Flats Wilderness

The Mormans land in North America 600 years before Christ and 2600 years before Elvis


Appendix A :West Point Poems

My West Point room was once occupied by Edgar Allan Poe so these were automatic


Appendix B: Irish Poems

X- rated and sure to make Irishmen steam


Appendix C: The High Desert Cook Book

Nothing edible, but you will laugh yourself into a coma