November 2, 1990

Editor Las Cruces Sun News

256 W. Las Cruces Ave.

Las Cruces, NM 88005

Dear Editor:

Theys really a law that outter be changed. Its that darned one that sez you gotta get up a 2 AM to change you clocks (Fall ahead, Spring back). I'll just admit it. We sometimes just set our clocks before bed 'cause we couldn t figure out what 2AM to get up at. Is it the old 2AM or the new 2AM? Who knows, so we got us a law what everybody disobeys so why not jest change it? Lets make it so you got one week to get all yer clocks changed an the start time is 12 noon. OK, I know that means in the spring folks work a short day - less one hour, but shoot, in the fall they'll make it up - no sweat. Well, I best quit now we got the FBI here cause they heared we got a clock what never even got set back yet. Don't know how they found out - maybe we got us a clock snitch. Yers Truely,

Hermie O. Mastenfeldt III