SUBJECT: HQ TRADOC Reorganization Study

TO: Jan A. Davidson

FROM: H. Mastenfeldt

DATE 2 Dec 86

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Coriolis force, causes any moving object to be deflected to the right. Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere moving objects are deflected to the left. Thus, right tires wear out first; right boots; right railroad tracks; and even right tank tracks wear more than the left.

It is therefore recommended that HQ TRADOC establish an exchange office to manage the exchange of these items with the Southern Hemispheric allies (ie. send worn right shoes South in exchange for good right shoes, etc.) of course a medical clearance for athlete's foot will be required in this case. The TRADOC Corolis Exchanqe Office. (TCEO) would save M$'s if intensively managed and would be much more valuable than DCSCD or DCSDOC.

Hermie O. Mastenfeldt III