March 31, 1986

Comanche County Rural Water District #1

Star Route A

Lawton, Oklahoma 73501

Dear Water People,

They told me I couldn't write this. But my parents taught me to say thank you to folks who do something nice like your Lake Mosquitoborn.

We never used to have any fun 'til you "accidently" let the water pipes (at #1 Vail Mt Drive) leak and form the wonderful Lake Mosquitoborn with completely free unmetered water. I don't know if you stocked the fish too, but I'll bet you did.

Now that we have put in our boathouse, we can sit in the evening and watch the sun go down and be thankful in our hearts for the nice water people at Rural Water #l. We know that even in the heat of summer, our Lake will never run dry because it is fed from an underground "spring".

Keep up the good work - the new gusher and fountain are a nice touch too. God Bless You.


Hermie O. Mastenfeldt

#1 Vail Mt Drive, Star Rt B

Lawton, Oklahoma ?3501

(On the shores of Lake Mosquitoborn)

PS. Our property values are now way up since we are lake front housing