with Azima Lila Forest

Time Space Tunnel Far Memory Journeys
Far Memory journeys enable us to step outside our normal orientation in space and time through hypnotherapy, into timelessness and spacelessness, to a state in which we can access other lives, other experiences, in past, present, future, dimensions.  We journey in order to gain insight, healing, understanding, inspiration, guidance for present-life issues and situations.

 Elven Tree
Shamanic Journeys

Guided by the beat of the drum, one may visit the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds, to receive healing, recover lost parts of the soul, and receive guidance from the Wise Ones.  As with all these forms of journeying, the purpose is healing at all levels of being, soul growth, and stronger connection to Spirit.

Moin & Azima
Moin and Azima, Southwest Sufi Community, 2000  

SoulWork was developed by Moineddin Carl Jablonski, a post-modern shaman and successor to Murshid Samuel Lewis as Pir (Spiritual head) of the Sufi Ruhaniat International.  He served in that capacity for 30 years until his passing in 2001.

SoulWork is a way of freeing the body, heart and soul into greater presence and embodied spirituality.  It is a way of experience rather than imagination.  It follows the Sufi principle that each human being is here with the ultimate and primal impulse of the fulfillment of the Soul's purpose on the earth in the now.  It is both an approach to spiritual practice, applicable to many paths, as well as method of psycho-spiritual counseling.

It is different from traditional psychotherapy in that sessions occur significantly less frequently. There is the need for absorption time between each session to allow for integration of supraconscious, subconscious and conscious reality. Sessions may occur bi-weekly for several months, or the participant may work on a monthly or even annual basis to receive the benefit of this work.
Sessions last approximately one to one and a half hours and carry deep interior communion with the inner family at the “Table of Holy Wisdom,” The basic template of seven selves is used as a starting point, although some sessions very quickly move into their own unique model including other aspects of the self.  The basic template includes High Self, Male, Female, Child, Doctor, Mental Judge and Astral Judge.  Personal and spiritual ancestors may also appear and participate in this dialogue and healing.
The participant is guided into dialogue and communion with each member of the inner family. From a place of deep listening and stillness, established through breathwork, a framework of safety and guidance is focused and held by the practitioner.
Through the assistance of the trained facilitator, the participant is guided into the place between the two worlds, between sleeping and waking, conscious and unconscious, which allows access to both subconscious and supraconscious. The participant can then dialogue within this larger perspective of reality. From a place of deep relaxed breath and grounding, there is access to inner guidance and the wisdom that lives within each human being.
As a trained SoulWork facilitator, I offer these individual sessions.  It is important to begin with face-to-face sessions; after several of these, individuals at a distance who wish to continue with sessions may do so by phone.
I also offer SoulWork in group retreat settings, where the work may include group guided SoulWork meditations, walking, art, movement, dance, breath, writing and poetry.
Fees for all these services:
Individual sessions (face-to-face or by phone): $66-101 sliding scale
Group retreats: varies by circumstances