Yantra Spiritual Counseling   
We can meet together face-to-face or by phone regularly for guidance for one’s spiritual life, or occasionally, or as a onetime occurrence.  If you already have a spiritual guide, it is best to work with that person.  This work can include guidance for personal retreat, working with a life dilemma or passage, purification from invasive negative influences (exorcism), and/or occasional checking-in regarding spiritual practice.  Dreamwork or SoulWork may be indicated (see Home page).
Fees vary by circumstance.

Purple Mandala Retreat guidance

I am recognized as a Retreat Guide by the Sufi Ruhaniat International and am available to guide spiritual retreats, or to provide retreat practices and/or guidance for retreats taken without my presence.  If you have a spiritual guide, it is best to get retreat practices from him or her, or to get their permission to work with me.

Fee varies by circumstance.

You can contact me at azima@zianet.com or 575-574-7805.