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This page contains information about our billing services and policies. To get specfic help with a billing question, please select from the topics below.

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We will extend a 10% discount for a full year payment in advance on accounts that bill $15 or more monthly. This discount does not include the first month payment. It does reduce your monthly payment.

ZiaNet bills its customers on a month to month basis. You may select billing by email with an invoice mailed to the email address of your choosing each month, billing by credit card each month, or you may choose to pay a year in advance. Accounts billing $15 or more per month receive a 10% discount if paid a year in advance. (details at left).

Most services we offer include up to five email accounts. We also offer an email only account. You may also use up to 30 megabytes of disk space for your personal or business Web directory (Home Page).

You may not stay connected 24 hours a day on a dial-up connection. You may use the service as often as you wish, and as long as you are in front of your computer using the connection. A 24 hour dial-up connection will be billed at $200 per month.

We reserve the right to disallow a suspension of billing if it does not exceed 15 days.

Keeping our billing system simple is important. It allows us to offer competative rates for service.

Please be aware that we do not credit accounts for unused time. If you will be out of service due to vacation, travel, telephone service problems, or computer failure, you must notify us immediately. We will be happy to suspend your account until you are ready to resume service. You will not be billed for the month or months when your account was suspended. (see caution at left.)

If you only live in our service area part of the year, we will be happy to suspend your account and forward your email at no charge during your absence. We will reserve your account and, when you return, resume your service.

If you wish to cancel your account, your cancellation will become effective on the aniversary date of your Sign-up. It is important that you notify us as soon as possible of your cancelation. Cancellation must be mailed to us in writing or through the cancellation Form provided on this site. You may also choose to have your account expire during a certain month. We will be happy to forward your email to your next ISP for a period of thirty days. There is no charge for this service.

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