Las Cruces QRSS Mafia 2011 New Year's Celebration 

 This year all the QRSS Operators started plotting to celebrate the New Year 2012 by operating together on 10.140 MHz. on 30 Meters. Some of us still had to build transmitters and get them operating, some had to put up a 30Meter antennas and some had to do both. The object early on was to fill the existing grabbers on the 30M QRSS frequencies with so many signals that they couldn't count them all. It was decided that we all would use our favorite modulation scheme (DFCW, FSKCW, HELLSCRIBER, OR CW). What happened was just phenomenal. We ended up fielding 14 transmitters from members and an extra one with the club call N5BL for a total of 15 transmitters. The members of the Las Cruces QRSS Mafia are:

 Cash Olsen KD5SSJ  Charlie Rollack WE4CW  Charlie Welch N5CWW
 Richard Johnson KC5EVR  Chris Brakhage WB5FKC  David Anderson K5DLA
 David Hassall WA5DJJ  Earl Cox KB5UEW  Evan Salazar KE5ZRZ
 Stephen Trout NM7J  Perry Steinman KC7VHS  Robert Truitt KE50FK
 Terry Angle AE5XI  Tim Linn P29ZL/KD5SSF  Vern Vonheeder III WV5N
The New Year's Operation period was from 00:00Z 31 December to 24:00Z 1 January 2012. The following QRSS Grabbers caught most of the action and their screen shots in the following frames. Some were so crowded that it was hard to pick the individual signals out all the other signals on the page.

This was the view from the PENSACOLA SNAPPER W4HBK in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

 This is the view from RUATANGATA GrabberNorthland, New Zealand ZL2IK

 This was the screenshot from "BIG EARS" in Onslow, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is the view from the "BERRY MOUNTAIN Grabber VK2DDI in New South Wales, Australia

This view is from the KK7CC Grabber in Las Vegas, Nevada

This is the view from VK7ZL Grabber in Southern Tasmania

As you can see, our little one-quater watt signals traveled the earth. I am sure that if there had been more dedicated grabber operators listening, there would have been many more of us spotted in more diverse places on earth. The comments I received from Grabber operators was that they were amazed at the number of signals that showed up on their screens celebrating the New Year 2012. I am not sure that this will turn into a yearly event, But it could easily do that. Our little Las Cruces QRSS Group is really thankful that all the dedicated QRSS Grabber operators allow us the privledge to see our signals on their receivers, no matter where they reside on this earth. The Las Cruces QRSS Mafia had a Blast. There is always room for more QRSS operators and Grabbers. If your bored with your present Amateur Radio Operations - Come and join us. I am sure you will not be bored with this QRSS Operations.

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