KD1JV's DDS Controler

 I Built this DDS control for the AD9850 American QRP Club's DDS card to be a VFO for some of my receiver and transmitter projects. It is such a really neat application to get a really stable, reliable, frequency accurate VFO. The unit worked flawlessly but I had trouble finding a suitable enclosure. So I operated it "Bare Board" for quite a while. I finally found a plastic box in which to mount my DDS VFO and Controller in a manner where it was easy to operate and connect to any project where I would need it. The picture at left is the fruits of my labors. I still have to do the switch marking . I did add a switch so that I could use it as both a signal generator or a VFO.
 Since I only wanted the DDS VFO or the Signal Generator function, I did not do any of the hook ups for the built in CW keyer or the antenna switching functions that are also in the software for this unit. I may want to use them later and there is still room on the side panels to put in the necessary connectors for thos functions. I installed all of the boards for the controller on the top or lid of the box and let them hang down inside. I did use one of the new AMQRP shaft encoders because I liked the detentless operation. It just seemed smoother to me.



 I used the famos long 4 X 40 screw technique to be able to adjust the boards in elevation to the box so everything would fit smoothly. The AD9850 DDS card with it's new output amplifier can be seen in the upper right hand side of the picture. the lower front is the backlighted LCD display, followed by the Switch board with the DDS Controller board mounted over the Switch card. The coax output and the power input connectors are mounted on the side of the plastic box. It is really a clean and neat unit and so nice to use.

I have heard that KD1JV has a new kit out for the newer DDS-60 60Mhz DDS card. I already have one on order and will be adding it to this page as soon as I get it built.


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