Dave's TRW Life

 Dave went to work for TRW after retiring from the U.S. Navy in 1981. His first job with that company was as a Systems Test Engineer during the construction of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Terminal at the Johnson Space Center, White Sands, New Mexico. When the Satellite Terminal construction was complete, He switched to the Spacecraft Group and was working on the various spacecraft control positions up until Launch of the TDRSS-A Spacecraft. When it was lost shortly after launch, additional flight teams were organized to provide the personnel for the Rescue Mission. He was given the job of Head Test Conductor for the recovery mission and his team made 13 of the 39 thruster burns to put TDRSS-A back in it's proper orbit. This was a real high point in his TRW life.

   The TDRSS Ground Terminal in the Early days of construction and testing
 Other engineering sites and responsibilities filled the rest of the 14 years he spent with TRW before retiring in July of 1995. He really enjoyed his work and many of the people that he worked with in that company. It was a family atmosphere and most of us still stay in touch through Internet E-mail.

 My Favorite "I Hate California" sayings:

"Happiness is two state lines between me and the state of California"

"When you leave California, Save a life and take someone with you."

"When I die, I know I am going to Heaven because I have already been to California."

"When I was in California, the only thing that didn't happen to me was an volcanic eruption and a tidal wave"

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