Random Elvis Links

(responses to a search on "Elvis Presley Museum")

Noticia: The original title, packaged with the idea as suggested by Bill Baron, was "Bad Elvis Sites" but I haven't actually gone so far as to scrutinize all of the and make the value judgments. All I have at the moment is this batch of links.

Later, much later, like years: While adding a link, on 12/20/00, I decided to make the URL's visible in the text, and just barely got started on it. And late on 12/22/00, that's done (except for oversights). But ... on 12/22/00 I started actually plinking the linkages and have deleted a bunch -- either 404 pages or no such machines. Basically anything with a * in front of it exists. Anything with a ? may or may not, but the machine exists -- no page came up within a reasonable amount of time. 1/7/01 -- finished kachunking the various links.

Got any suggestions for other links? Mail me at ebear@zianet.com (Eric Bear Albrecht)

* The Elvis & Graceland Directory -- http://linmo.homestead.com/gracelandmenu.html

? Elvis Presley -- http://andromeda.einet.net/editors/douglas-bell/rock/elvis.html

* Elvis Presley's Home Page -- http://biobase.dk/users/example.html

* Elvis Presley Has Left the Building -- http://cauchy.math.colostate.edu/Class_95/Waldron_B/home.html

* European Elvis Presley -- http://hea.iki.rssi.ru/~denis/clifrich.html

? CONFERENCE ON ELVIS PRESLEY - Participants -- http://imp.cssc.olemiss.edu/conferences/elvis96/participants.html

? CONFERENCE ON ELVIS PRESLEY - Program -- http://imp.cssc.olemiss.edu/conferences/elvis96/program.html

? Elvis Presley Conference -- http://imp.cssc.olemiss.edu/elvis.html

? Elvis Presley Conference -- http://imp.cssc.olemiss.edu/region/elvis.html

? International Conference on Elvis Presley -- http://imp.cssc.olemiss.edu/register/95/spring/elvis.html

? Elvis Presley's Astrological and Psychological Magazine -- http://oeonline.com/~lifeintl/mag.html

* Elvis Presley's Grave -- http://virtual.union.edu/~blomberb/elvis.html

* Elvis Presley Profile -- http://mrshowbiz.go.com/people/elvispresley/index.html

This whole next batch of links appears to be good, based on looking at a couple of them.
* ELVIS PRESLEY ESTATE BOOK/DESCRIPTION -- http://www.aksi.net/elvis/announce.htm

This one has some hokey music and a lot of links:
* ELVIS PRESLEY ESTATE BOOK/LINKS -- http://www.aksi.net/elvis/links.htm

* ELVIS PRESLEY ESTATE BOOK/PRICES -- http://www.aksi.net/elvis/prices.htm

* Elvis Presley Estate Inventory Book -- http://www.aksi.net/rjay/book.htm

* ELVIS PRESLEY ESTATE BOOK/ORDER FORM -- http://www.aksi.net/rjay/order.htm

* ELVIS PRESLEY ESTATE BOOK/TRIVIA -- http://www.aksi.net/rjay/trivia.htm

* ELVIS PRESLEY ESTATE BOOK/Wholesale -- http://www.aksi.net/rjay/wsale.htm

? Autograph Reference Library- Elvis Presley -- http://www.autographics.com/ken/ElvisPresley.html

X-Large Message Center Comment: Elvis A. Presley -- http://www.cinenet.net/XLarge/msgs/messages/msgs21184.html

* Elvis Presley: Photographs by Ralph Burns -- http://www.cmp.ucr.edu/elvis/elvis_pr.html

* Elvis Presley and his Shrine at Photo Museum! -- http://www.cmp.ucr.edu/elvis/shrine.html

* Elvis Presley's Graceland -- http://www.elvis-presley.com/

* Elvis Presley's Songs from the Fifties -- http://www.fiftiesweb.com/elvisong.htm

* Elvis Presley Enterprises - Flying Elvi Official Products -- http://www.insidervlv.com/flyingelvi.html

* Elvis Presley -- http://www.musicmachine.com/elvisweb.htm

* Elvis Presley -- http://www.nashville-collection.com/deluxe/ElvisPresleyBook.html

? Elvis Presley -- http://www.rankin.tupelo.k12.ms.us/CF/Elvis.html

* Elvis Presley In Scotland -- http://www.rockmine.music.co.uk/Elvis.html

* PRESLEY, ELVIS -- http://www.videoflicks.com/act/S013422.htm

* Elvis Presley Story of a Legend Video -- http://www.visitorinfo.com/video/elvis.htm

* Genealogy: Elvis Presley -- http://www.yk.psu.edu/~jmj3/sna_gess.htm