Punctuation Liberation Front

(Admittedly US-centric)

It's time we liberated punctuation and symbols from the archaic names that have been hung on them by pre-net-wise persons through the ages. And we nowadays don't have the time, nor the patience, for the old polysyllabic incantations. I don't expect all of these to take off, but some of them are pretty good names.

Note added 4/12/99: I have put "number sign" and "star" in italics relating to the fact that they are the official telephone company names for # and *. We might have to come to grips with this issue since these characters are the only non-numerics on the universal keyboard.

Symbols and their Names
Glyph Modern name Archaic name
! BANG Exclamation Point
# HACK or
Number sign (dumb)
Pound sign (dumber)
$ BUCK Dollar sign, Currency symbol
| BAR Vertical Bar
% FOO (If you have a BAR,
you need a FOO to go with it.)
Percent sign
^ CAP (as in Dunce Cap) Caret
& PRETZEL Ampersand ("and, per se and")
@ STRUDEL At sign
* SPLAT Star, Asterisk
( FROWN Left Parenthesis
) SMILE Right Parenthesis
_ SKID Underscore
; WINK Semicolon*
/ SLASH OK, so it's a Slash already
And now the big one ...
\ OOPS Backslash
* As once was written in the National Lampoon
"I'm having my semicolon removed, and I'll have to punctuate into a bag."

Please help: There are still glyphs that need to be liberated, notably the pairs of brackets [ ] { } < > . There are also names that are looking for a glyph to associate with, like frammis, weenie, and frob. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Drop a note to: ebear@zianet.com (Eric Bear Albrecht) Thanx.

P.S. I've heard that in Holland they call @ "monkey tail". Cool.
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