Francis Vincent Zappa Jr., commonly known as

Frank Zappa

(born December 21, 1940 -- died somewhat later)

Hey, dig:
Elvis Presley met Richard Nixon
(or vice versa)
on Frank Zappa's Birthday

and I think that's like totally appropriate.

Once upon a time, when I was doing a DJ shtick on the radio, I offered a Debbie Boone album to the first caller who could tell me Frank Zappa's middle name. Got zero calls.
I spent a few months in Paris in 1976, and it was the best place I've found to listen to Frank Zappa. I was living with some French guys, they and their friends were all Zappa fans. These guys all knew "Montana" and had never seen the real thing (dental floss). I showed up with a package of dental floss in my stuff; it was on display on the dining room table for weeks.