Roasting Hatch Green Chile

Here is a quick outline of the chile roasting process:

1.      Wash peppers. (if wrinkled, put them in the crisper for a few hours and they should freshen back up)

2.      Let them dry.

3.      Prick holes in peppers with knife or fork.

4.      Roast peppers either on barbeque grill or in oven broiler about 5-10 minutes or until the chile blisters.  Turn the chile peppers over and roast again until it blisters on the second side.

5.      Remove and put in ice water.

Peel and use immediately or freeze either peeled or unpeeled peppers in freezer bags for use later.

If you have a weed burner (red dragon or other brand) you can roast your chile much faster than on the grill. Simply place the grate from your grill on a cement slab and use the week burner to roast each side. It is a lot faster and the chile tends to be more thoroughly roasted than in the oven or on the grill itself.