First Presbyterian Church
Las Cruces, NM

These pictures are of paintings given to the First Presbyterian Church by George C. Gray. They can be seen in Jones Hall. The photographs of the pictures were taken by Robert McPherson. To see a larger version of the photographs, click on the thumbnail picture itself. To return to this page, use your back button.

Paintings of Jesus (George C. Gray)
Donated by George Gray.jpg
Donated by George Gray
The Nativity.jpg
The Nativity
Calling of the Disciples.jpg
Calling of the Disciples
Sermon on the Mount.jpg
Sermon on the Mount
Passover Feast.jpg
Passover Feast
The Crucificxion.jpg
The Crucifixion
The Empty Tomb.jpg
The Empty Tomb
Jesus Appears to his Disciples.jpg
Jesus Appears to his Disciples

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