Correction to Hadrosaur Tales 12

There was an accidental omission of three paragraphs at the top of page 106 of issue 12 of Hadrosaur Tales. We're not quite sure where the paragraphs went to... perhaps they were abducted by aliens. However, we do send our sincerest apologies to author Mark Fewell and to the readers. The story, "Strangers on a Timeline," will be reprinted in its entirety in issue 14. In the meantime, below are the missing paragraphs. These should have been the first paragraphs on page 106 before the line, "Yes, let's do that."

"It's not a time machine."

"Don't explain the technical details to me again. You'll only bore me."

"Let's go finish our drinks. Maybe by the time I have to go back, I'll have convinced you that getting rid of my world's Maggie is a good thing."