Campus Honeymoon
Two G.I.s return home after the war and concoct a plot to get into veteran housing by arranging fake weddings with sisters Skipper and Patricia Hughes. After the wedding the girls live in one house and the guys in the other. But of course Cupid comes along to change things...

Songs include "Who's Got a Tent for Rent?" (Sale, Gruskin) "How Does It Feel to Fall in Love?" (Sale, Gruskin) "Are You Happening to Me?" (Sale, Gruskin), "It's So Nice to Have a Man about the House" (Jack Elliot, Harold Spina), "Opalooka Song" (Sale, Nathan Scott), "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep" (J.P. Knight, Emma Willard).

Hal Hackett and Lee Wilde

Republic, 1948 [B/W, 61 min.]
Producer/Director: Richard Sale
Writer: Jerry Gruskin and Richard Sale (based on a story by Thomas R. St. George)
Editor: Arthur Roberts
Musical Composer: J.P. Knight and Richard Sale
Cinematographer: John MacBurnie


Lyn Wilde ... Skipper Hughes
Lee Wilde ... Patricia Hughes
Adele Mara ... Bessie Ormsbee
Richard Crane ... Robert Watson
Hal Hackett ... Richard Adams
Wilson Wood ... Busby Ormsbee
Stephanie Bachelor ... Dean Carson
Teddy Infuhr ... Junior Ormsbee
Edwin Maxwell ... Senator Hughes
Boyd Irwin ... Dr. Shumway
Kay Morley ... Polly Walker
Charles Smith ... Benjie Briggs
Edward Gargan ... Motorcycle Cop
Maxine Semon ... Waitress
William H. Simon Jr. ... Messenger


I haven't seen this movie, yet. I don't believe it's available on videotape, and I haven't seen it in the listings for AMC. But, I'll keep watching for it. If anyone has a videotape of the film, please let me know! - Jim Johnson

Lyn (left) and Lee (right) on the set

Lee Wilde and Hal Hackett

Lee Wilde, Hal Hackett, Lyn Wilde and Richard Crane


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Additional information provided by Jamee, Lyn Wilde's granddaughter.

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