Publicity Stills  

From Sunday rotogravue of The Milwaukee Journal, July 9, 1944
(Lyn on left, Lee on right)
from the collection of Jim Johnson
...from an article entitled, "Singing Pretty," about young up-and-coming singing stars in films. The article reads, in part:

The Wilde twins, Lee and Lyn, have been in and out of Hollywood for about two years while trying to make it conscious of them, but it is only of late that they have succeeded. A unique movie pair, these 19 year olds come from East St. Louis, Ill., where their father is an aluminum company executive. They were with Ray Noble's band and appeared on the air with Bergen and McCarthy. Their first film experience was in two minor Universal pictures as vocalists with Charlie Barnet's orchestra, then they went on tour with Bob Crosby.

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