Publicity Stills  

From Movie Stars Parade, October, 1945
from the collection of Jim Johnson
Not a bad deal at all - being twins. So you have an exam and only one can do, the top twin takes it and you both pass. And date-switching and dance rehearsals... Now, though, latter's all that's left of such shenanigans for the 21-year-old blonde 'n' blue eyed Wilde twins, what with Lynn [sic] being married to Sgt. James Cathcart, and Lee and Lyn both stars, with Twice Blessed their latest MGM-er. Born in St. Louis, they were performing locally at seven, and in their teens warbled with Ray Noble and Bob Crosby orchs. Some day they'd like to do straight dramatic stuff, for which "one of us will dye her hair to tell us apart." In fact, you can do that now, they'll claim demurely. Seems Lee's ¼" the shorter.

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