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Unit I
Parts of Speech Continued:
Adjective and Adverb Quiz 1


OPTION 1: Use the browser's print option to print this page and underline all adjectives (except articles a, an, the). Place parentheses around all (adverbs). When you have finished, check your answers

OPTION 2: On a sheet of paper numbered 1-10, write down the adjectives with (ADJ)and the adverbs with (ADV) When you have finished, check your answers

OPTION 3: In the input box next to the test item, type the adjectives with (ADJ) and the adverbs with a (ADV). When you have finished, use the browser's print option to print this page and check your answers

1. After a long flight, he looked unusually tired.

2. Has that doctor ever had any experience in treating tropical diseases?

3. Sometimes he comes home early and spends some time with his family.

4. Although I often think of my lonely neighbor, I seldom find enough time for a visit.

5. Ellie felt bad about her five errors in math.

6. I would gladly help you, but I must leave here immediately.

7. He is handsome but, unfortunately, not very intelligent.

8. Mr. Sutton, a kind and generous man, has just unselfishly donated a handsome sum of money to a very worthy cause.

9. During our most recent visit to the islands, we were fortunate to see the lovely botanical gardens in full bloom.

10. I am sorry to cancel our dinner plans tonight, but I do not feel very well.

Consult Adjectives and Adverbs on your Student Page for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.


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