Instructional Systems is pleased to announce . . .

    . . . the full color hardcover print edition of Almost Hardly's Frog Stories, the new simpler text picture book version for younger readers that features the same thrilling escapades of Almost Hardly and his friends found in the E-book version, The Adventures of Almost Hardly the Frog.

    Buy this hardcover print edition or the E-book version from Amazon.

. . . The recent ebook release of Lesson Plans and Activities for Teachers and Tutors of ESL for Adults. By Charles D. Keith This ebook contains lesson plans and activities useful to teachers and tutors working with adult ESL learners and is suitable for community or church sponsored classes, college or high school classes as well as adult Developmental English classes. There is a placement exam as well as five lesson plans each for three levels of ESL, 18 teaching methods, and 18 sets of Exercises. This ebook is Distributed by Smashwords and other major ebook retailers. A previiew selection is available for download from Pre-orders will be taken at all retailers. A site license is included for the purchaser at his/her place of instruction. For a limited time Instructional Systems is making the entire book available for preview. Just click here to see for yourself.

About the Almost Hardly books, the Author & the Artist
Language Arts Worksheets for the Almost Hardly books.

Click here to purchase the paper back edition of The Adventures of Almost Hardly the Frog: Revised Edition" $11.49 Prime


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The focus of this website for a number of years has been to provide cost-free tutoring and testing programs and materials for students and teachers of secondary school or adult level ESL, composition, and grammar. During the past decade students from across the globe have used our tests, quizzes, and study aids. We have been pleased to provide them. We will continue to offer some of these study materials on this website in an updated format.

With ebooks and apps finding their way to so may tablets, notebooks, and smartphones, we will be concentrating on this technology as a way to put the language lab in the hands of students everywhere. If you have written a language related instructional app or ebook (mobi or epub) that you would like us to list on this website, just send us a brief description and several representative pages. Our email address is

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