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Lesson Plans and Activities

for Tutors of Adults


English as a Second Language

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Table of Contents



Introduction…………………………….Page 1


Part One - The Lesson Plans



Part Two - The Methods



Part Three - The Exercises……….Page 29



Part Four - The Appendix









While this guide may offer some ideas for experienced teachers of English, it is intended to serve primarily as a menu of lessons and activities for those tutors or teachers of English who are entering the ESL classroom with little or no experience. The guide is arranged in sections.


At the beginning, you will find a set of lesson plans. These plans are intended to serve as suggestions only. They will help you get off to a running start. Following the plans, you will find a series of pages that deal with methods. The lesson plans are keyed to the method sheets by page number. The next section contains a set of grammar exercises. The last section in the book consists of an appendix containing a play and several other useful bits of information. All of this material is referenced in the lesson plans or in one of the method sheets. The method sheets also contain examples of the types of drills and games that will help you implement the plans.


The following is a list of suggestions that will help to make your teaching experience a pleasant success.



The suggestions presented on the following pages are not all inclusive. Ideas that the individual tutor or teacher chooses to try may be as valid as any presented here.






A Short Test to Determine Level


Your students may be grouped by ability level before you are introduced to them. If they are not, the following oral quiz will enable you to place them at something approximating the correct level. Normally, students are divided into four levels, but for our purposes, this test is set up to identify only three. If a fourth level appears desirable, it should be placed between the second and third levels. Please understand that this is a cursory method only. It is included here in case you are presented with a mixed group that you find you have to break into more manageable levels.

  The quiz is to be given orally in order to expedite the testing process. Mark the responses and score the quizzes as you give them.

  If you choose to use this quiz, use it as both a pre-test and a post-test. Compare the differences.

To score the test, circle either OK or NOT OK according to the students' answers.


1. Hello. How are you? OK NOT OK

2. My name is _______. What's yours? OK NOT OK

3. Where do you live? OK NOT OK

4. How old are you? OK NOT OK

5. Stand up, please. Sit down, please. OK NOT OK

6. Do you like television? OK NOT OK

7. Give me your pencil, please. OK NOT OK

8. Tell me about your family. OK NOT OK

9. What day is today? OK NOT OK

10. Please count to thirty. OK NOT OK


Zero to three OK responses equals a low level of ability.

Four to seven OK responses equals a medium level of ability.

Eight to ten OK responses equals the highest level of ability (for this test).


It's a good idea to record the students' scores and keep them for future reference.





Five Day Lesson Plans

(Each lesson is for a one hour period)


Level One, Lesson One







Level One, Lesson Two








Level One, Lesson Three










Level One, Lesson Four







Level One, Lesson Five






Level Two


Level Two, Lesson One








Level Two, Lesson Two








Level Two, Lesson Three








Level Two, Lesson Four









End of Sample

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