Audio for Word Group Two, Test A

This quiz should be played on Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher versions. The player should be visible to you, and you can pause between words by clicking on the vertical bars.

Some Netscape users may increase or decrease volume by using the sliding bar.

DIRECTIONS: Use a pre-printed Answer Sheet or click here to print one. Fill out the information at the top, giving your name, teacher's name (if appropriate) and test identification (1-A, 2-b, etc.). Write each word in pencil as you listen to the test. If you need to pause to take more time, click on the vertical bars ( || ). Then click on the arrow; Ø to begin the audio again. You may replay the tape if you wish. When you have completed the test, make necessary corrections, and then turn in your test. If you are a self-directed student, click here for the answer key when you have completed the test.

NOTE: Some browser plug-in players may not have a "pause" option. If you wish, simply open the appropriate sound file in the player of your choice from your windows menu. The file and names are ddwg1a.wav, ddwg1b.wav, ddwg2a.wav, and ddwg2b.wav for tests 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B respectively. They are located in your CD ROM drive and the program CD must be in. You may wish to save them to another directory of your choice.

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