Unit Two, Quiz 1 Answer Key


Directions: Copy and paste into your email window. Then In the following sentences place single parentheses ( ) around the subject, double parentheses (( ))around the verb, and triple parentheses ((( ))) around the complement. (Type in the subject in CAPITAL LETTERS if it is the subject of an imperative sentence.)


1. The (tenors) ((are)) not ((singing)) on key.


2. The (four) of us strongly ((disapprove of)) his (((actions))).[Arguable. You could say "disapprove" is the verb rather than the verb-adverb "disapprove of." Count either choice as correct.]


3. During his vacation, (Murgatroid) ((visited)) (((England, France, Italy, and Germany.)))


4. (Most) of the roads ((are covered)) with ice and snow.


5. (Living alone) ((is )) often a depressing (((experience))).


6. Most importantly,(YOU) ((reread)) all your (((work))) carefully.


7. After saying goodnight to our host, (we) (( left)) the (((party))).


8. ((Do)) (you) ((know)) (((him))) well?


9. His earliest (attempt) at composing music ((was)) the (((ballad))).


10. (Each) of you ((must be)) (((aware))) of the dangers of smoking.[Tricky. "Be aware' became "beware" at some point in the development of English.]


11. The (pyramid) ((emits)) a mysterious (((sort))) of power.


12. (YOU) ((Knock)) before entering.


13. After leaving the opera, (Igor) ((escorted)) (((Prunella))) home.


14. (Cyrus McCormick) ((was born)) in Rockbridge County, Virginia, in 1809.


15. The (McCormick reaper) ((revolutionized)) (((agriculture.)))



Consult the Unit One lesson for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.



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