Unit Two, Quiz 2


Directions: Copy and paste into your email window. Then In the following sentences place single parentheses ( ) around the subject, double parentheses (( ))around the verb. Indicate the direct object (DO) and the indirect object (I0) with the appropriate abbreviation. In passive sentences indicate the subject, the passive verb, and the retained object (RO).


1. At precisely timed intervals, the security guards check the doors to the building.


2. According to folklore, carrying certain dried fruits in your pocket will help prevent certain diseases.


3. The children played several games before going home.


4.(a) You promised Igor a salary increase within six months.

(b) Igor was promised a salary increase in six months.


5. Did you tell him all of the story?


6. The Ford Foundation will award the best qualified student a study grant of one thousand dollars.


7. Can you tell us the best route to the park?


  1. This exercise gives me a big pain.


9. (a) I offerecd Mortimer ten dollars to take hortense to the dance.

(b) Mortimer was offered ten dollars to take Hortense to the dance.


10. The rainy weather gave everyone colds.


11. Eleven people were killed in the infamous Haymarket riot in Chicago on May 4, 1886.


12. Scott Joplin, a turn-of-the-century Black composer, taught himself to play the piano and studied music at a Missouri college.


13. Joplin originated the musical style called "ragtime."


14. The Titanic was considered unsinkable.


15. On the ship's maiden voyage, an iceberg ripped a 300 foot gash in the Titanic's double hull and sent the ship and 1500 of its passengers to the bottom of the North Atlantic.



Consult the Unit One lesson for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.



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