Instructional Systems Independent Study

Traditional English Grammar

Unit Three: Quiz 1 Subject-verb Agreement


Directions: In each sentence a verb is underlined. Click on Correct or Incorrect. If you make the right selection, nothing will happen and you should go on to the next item. If you make the wrong selection, you will be told so and given the opportunity to review the lesson. Use your "Back" button to return to the quiz.

1. Walter Younger, the hero of A Raisin in the Sun, felt, like many young black men, that the secret of happiness were wealth. Correct Incorrect


2. The average teenage girl in the United States speaks too rapidly. Correct Incorrect


3. In the Twickenham family there is one boy, one girl, and a set of identical twins. Correct Incorrect


4. No one in the C.I.A. is more clever at espionage than Dick Dastard. Correct Incorrect


5. For the Bobsey twins, a summer's vacation with their grandparents on the farm were exciting.Correct Incorrect


6. Physics, one of the difficult courses, are concerned with heat, electricity, sound, and light. Correct Incorrect


7. The Hardy Boys adventure stories has had an upsurge in popularity because of the television serials based on their exploits. Correct Incorrect


8. My companion and confidante were not present at the awards. Correct Incorrect


9. Both of the women in The Turning Point felt that they were superior ballerinas. Correct Incorrect


10. The crew of the yacht wants the captain to speak. Correct Incorrect