Instructional Systems Independent Study

Traditional English Grammar

Unit Three: Quiz 2 Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement

Directions: The sentences below contain an error or are correct. If there is an error, place a parentheses around the incorrect pronoun and write the corrected pronoun below the sentence. If the sentence is correct, write "C " in the right margin.

1. Everybody should attempt to be correct in their pronunciation of polysyllabic words. 

2. The women hurriedly put on their coats. 

3. Either the boy or the man will miss his shuttle bus. 

4. Everybody is expected to contribute his fair share. 

5. Myrtle and Ignatz told me about the movies and the stars that she admired. 

6. All the citizens wrote the congressman of his choice. 

7. Everyone should remember what they heard at John Ciardi's lecture on poetry 

8. The audience at the opera was cheering its loudest. 

9. Each man or woman will have a chance to cast their vote.

10. The freshman wrote about the people which he liked. 

11. The teenage audience cheered and screamed for their hero, Mugwert. 

12. In this summer camp it is every child for themselves. 

13. Every sprinter must be on their line before the gun goes off. 

14. During the exam Jake was ill, but it became better by evening. 

15. Neither Osgood nor the other team members wanted pink numbers on his bowling shirts. 

16. Everybody took their insect spray on the hiking trip.

 17. To care for their own hunting dogs is the joy of every hunter. 

18. Anyone can try his luck at the bingo game.

 19. Not one of this sort of marsupials can focus their eyes in the daytime.

 20. Each member of the debate team practiced his argument.


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