Instructional Systems Independent Study

Traditional English Grammar

Unit Three: Agreement, Reference, and Case

Some of the most serious and also the most frequently encountered errors in student writing occur because of faulty subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent agreement, weak or vague pronoun reference, or incorrect use of case forms.

The previous two chapters covered parts of speech and sentence parts with some thoroughness. This chapter will concentrate on some of the potential errors that come about through lack of grammatical agreement among sentence parts and through using incorrect forms of certain words.



Unit Three Exercise 4


Directions: In the following sentences underline each pronoun which is used incorrectly and then make the correction; write C in the margin to the left if the sentence is correct.


1. Grandma told wonderful stories to my sister and I when we were children.


2 . She and the dog get along better.


3. You must be three inches taller than him.


4. He and I often shoot quail in the backwoods.


5. No one but Mother and me knew the combination to the old safe.


6. Just between you and 1, the new coach doesn't know the game.


7. Mr. Scott is a person whom I believe will succeed in that business.


8. Among us six who received the award, only three deserved it.


9. Here is my baggage; who's baggage is this?


10. I punished myself as I did himself.


11. Both of us--Henry and I--were responsible for keeping the store.


12. What bothered Dudley and I was his lack of sympathy.


13. The culprits were found to be Julia and him.


14. Us Midwesterners are proud of our farmlands.


15. When I returned to France, Paris bad not lost any of it's charm.


16. The sheriff thought it was they who made the crank calls.


17. I never knew who Mugwert was referring to.


18. Do you think her and Prunella should walk home alone?


19. The farmer said that the fastest workers were we students.


20. Us three-you, Dudley, and myself-are summoned to the Dean's office.

Consult Unit Three for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.


Unit Three Exercise 5


Directions: Underline the correct form of the pronoun.


1. (We, Us) girls will never finish by midnight.


2. The new executive is a woman (who, whom) we're sure will do well.


3. The speaker at the banquet was seated between Archie and (she, her).


4. We thought it was (them, they) who disliked free enterprise.


5. (Who, Whom) do you suppose will win the election?


6. Grandfather blamed (himself, hisself) for the crop failure.


7. Igor has done many favors for you and (1, me).


8. Of (who, whom) are you writing, Dudley or Igor?


9. It was (he, him) who excavated the ruins of the ancient temple.


10. Give the symphony tickets to (whomever, whoever) wants them.


11. (Who's, Whose) plan was finally accepted?


12. Those girls will get (theirselves, themselves) in trouble if they skip school.


13. 1 have a right to criticize (whoever, whomever) I please.


14. Did (she, her) travel first class?


15. Nobody knows more about pain than (he, him).


16. No one knew the candidate better than (them, they).


17. (Who, Whom) did the teacher confuse you with?


18. It's time for (me, 1) to realize that they will never return.


19. The treasure is there for (whoever, whomever) will seek it.


20. That is an opinion held by anyone (who, which) thinks deeply.



2 1. (Who's, Whose) going to pin the bell on the cat?


22. Those guards were so much taller than (me, 1).


23. Let's you and (1, me) volunteer to help.


24. Respect for nature forms a bond between (he, him) and his brother.


25. (It's, Its) true that Indians once lived in this region.


26. My little sister likes to go fishing with Igor and (1, me).


27. This is no affair of (yours, your's).


28. She was almost a year older than (me, 1).


29. The prize goes to (whoever, whomever) has the best answer.


30. Two girls and another boy and (me, 1) plan to attend the dance.


31. Igor and Mugwert lost (his, their) socks.


32. We love our cabin which to us, my parents and (1, me), is like a mansion.


33. (Who, Whom) I see and where I go is none of your business.


34. The girl (who, whom) I rode with was a good driver.


35. Keep what I just said between you and (1, me).


36. Just (who, whom) is the celebration for?


37. Is it (they, them) who saved Pearl Pureheart?


38. 1 can never forget (who, whom) I was first employed by.


39. Prunella couldn't stand (his, him) snoring.


40. We asked the game warden (who, whom) we could get to prepare the deer for freezing.





Consult Unit Three for further study if you scored less than 80% on this exercise.