Amended Declaration of Hugh Pierce

Transcription of original statements made by Hugh Pierce and others.
Transcribed by John C. Pierce.
Corrections or Additions to these documents are welcome.

Habersham County
An Amendment to the Declaration of Hugh Pierce’s file and in the Clerks office of the Court of ____ for said County on the Sixth day of November Eighteen Hundred and Thirty two, to process the ___ __ An act of Congress passed the 7th of June 1832 for Revolutionary Services; Makes this further declaration before the _____ Court of State and County to avail himself of _____. That he can prove his services by Sherwood. Holcombs and Benjamin OBannon. a certificate of _____ this as in the original Declaration. The other is very old and if he comes to court his will be attached to this amended declaration.

1st. I was born in Frederick County State State of Virginia. I believe in the year seventeen hundred and forty nine.

2nd. My Sister who was in Jones County Georgia has the record of my age made by my mother.

3rd. I was living in Spartanburg County, South Carolina when called into Service. I lived in Spartanburg Dist after the War, until I moved to the State of Georgia and then later in Franklin Cty ____ and now live in Habersham.

4th. I Volunteered Spartanburg district under the authority of the state of South Carolina

5th. There were no regulars in the Services Save some few from N Carolina under Of Col Polke and. Robert Lanier. There was with us Col. Neil, Col Prarsidtn, Col Williams & Col Thompson & Col Cashaw & Gen Richardson was commander in chief We fought the Tories and run them into a Cane brake. He took their provisions. There was a deep sorrow on the ground. The Tories were under the command of Col Robert Cunningham.

6th. I was a common soldier and got a discharge from General William Henderson who was a Major at the time the Tories were taken. It was Lost ____ many years ago never deficting it would be of any service to me.

7th. I am known to General Cleveland & General Wofford both of who have been in the Legislature of this state. __ __ __ __. They would testify to my good character and credibility and to their belief of my being a revolutionary soldier together with many others.

 Andice McKarris CIC  Hugh Pierce


Personally appeared in the open court Sherwood Holcombs and made oath that he was acquainted with Hugh Pierce when in the revolutionary Service in the State of South Carolina and has ___ that he served as he states in the original and the amended declaration, and knows further that the he served under a Capt. Callah against a party of Tories.

 Asaduse they Nosis

so C.B.I

 Sherwood Holcombs

(His Mark)

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