Transcription of original statements made by Hugh Pierce and others. Transcribed by John C. Pierce. Corrections or Additions to these documents are welcome.
Service S.C. Pierce, Hugh Number Born in Va. S32445 Contents (Nothing written on first page) Declaration in order to obtain the __________________ Auth of Congress ___ April 7th 1832 State of Georgia County of Habersham On this fifth day of November in Eighteen hundred and thirty two personally appeared in open Court before the Court of ordinary of Couils County now sitting Hugh Pierce a resident of said county and state aged eighty three years. Who born first July sworn according to Suin ____ ___ __ following Declaration in order to obtain this benefit __ ___ of Congress ______ April 7th 1832. That he entered the service of this United States served under the following named officers and ___ as him stated he ___ ___ ___ the district of Lawson Fork in seventy six district in South Carolina he entered the service as a volunteer in the year seventeen hundred and seventy five under Ithu Subron Lieutenant, John Wood Captain, William Muchsiowin major, and Thomas Col. He served for two months and was regularly discharged. He again entered the service in the ______ second of July seventeen hundred seventy six. _____ in 2 volunteer units under the same Captain and Lieutenant William W. Wofford Colonels __ ___ not ___ ___ of _________ and was regularly discharged. He again entered the service in the year 1780 ___ under Captain McPeter’s ____ for Three months and was regularly discharged. He was at the taking of the fort on “Cougarre”. He again entered the service in 1781 under Capt. Adam Henry. He served ____ two months and was regularly discharged. All of his history lost. He again entered the service served for two months under Samuel Lacy in the Regiment Cosuousard . Col. Thomas Neil. He served for two months and was discharged . He is aquatinted with many persons in his neighbor hood who could testify as to his meacity and their belief of his Revolutionary service to wit Benjamin O’Bannon General Benjamin Cleveland, Gen. W. B. Wofford Sam is Blum and ___ ___ his was born in Frederick County Virginia the year he does not remember precisely Based the Revolutionary War he has Resided in Spartanburg District South Carolina from Spartanburg he moved to Franklin County Georgia then to the County of Habersham where he has resided ever since. He has no record of his age in his possession. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any Agency of Army. ___ sworn to and subscribes ___ this day and year aforesaid. Jonathon C. Chastance C. Sqr. Hugh Pierce And the said lernt do hereby declaration __ after the ___ of the matter and after ___ ___ __ he ___ prescribed by the ___ ______ that the above named applicant . That the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier who served as he states ___ the Court further certifies that Benjamin OBannon whose affidavit hereto Attached is a creditable witness and by Respectable __ and that his statements are entitled __ credit and further states his belief in general as in the neighborhood that the said Hugh was a Revolutionary soldier Given under ___ ___ Benjei C Levilar___ G.O. Absalom Holcomely ICQ Elyak Stann ICQ Felus Lerrett ICQ


The Court Official Benjamin O’Bannon who after brief duly sworn drhopeth and__ __ 
ith was acquainted with Hugh Pierce the present applicant for a pension in the 
Revolutionary War that he knows he was in the service of the United States for 
two years or upwareds under difficult engagements that he was in Companies with 
the said Hugh Pierce in several engagements in Scouting parties but they were 
not in many general engagements together and that he has been acquainted with 
the said Hugh Pierce ever since  __ __ __ __ .
Jonathon C. Chastance C. Sqr				Benjamin OBannon
							                   (His Mark)

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