Revolutionary War Pension, Alabama

Revolutionary Pensions


Parents: Names not shown.
Birth: In 1749 in Frederick County, Virginia.
Service: The veteran alleged that he enlisted in December 1775; served 2 months as Private in CAPTAIN JOHN WOOD’s Company, COLONEL THOMAS’ South Carolina Regiment; he enlisted July 2, 1776; served 6 months as a Private in CAPTAIN JOHN WOOD’s Company, COLONEL WILLIAM W. WOOFARD’s South Carolina Regiment and was in a battle of "Timothea"; he enlisted in 1780 and served 3 months as a Private in CAPTAIN McPETERS’ South Carolina Company; he enlisted in 1781; served 2 months as a Private in CAPTAIN JOHN HENRY’s Company, COLONEL MOFFETT’s South Carolina Regiment and was at the taking of Fort Granby; he then enlisted and served 2 months as a Private in CAPTAIN SAMUEL LACEY’s Company, COLONEL THOMAS NEIL’s South Carolina Regiment.
Pension: HUGH PIERCE was allowed pension on Certificate No. 27624 which was issued September 17, 1834, rate $30 per annum, act of June 7, 1838, Alabama Agency.
Family: In 1832, a sister of the veteran was residing in Jones County, Georgia; her name was not shown. There are no further family data.
Residences: He moved from Frederick County, Virginia to Camden District, South Carolina. During the Revolutionary War, he resided on Lawson’s Fork in Ninety Six District, South Carolina, Spartanburg District, South Carolina. He moved to Franklin County, Georgia and then to Habersham County, Georgia, where he was living in 1832. In 1834, he was a resident of Jefferson County Alabama.
Death: Date and place not shown.


LAST PAYMENT OF PENSION. From records of the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Washington, D.C.

The last payment of pension, covering the period from March 4, 1836 to September 4, 1836 to HUGH PIERCE, Certificate No. 27623 was made at the Pension, Decatur, Alabama, on September 28, 1836 to JAMES A. PATTERSON, as attorney for the pensioner. On September 12, 1836, the pensioner certified that he had been living in Jefferson County, Alabama, for two years, and that he had previously lived in Habersham County, Geogria.

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Volume A3, Jefferson Co., AL, page 112

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