Pension Office

April 16, 1833


The evidence in support of your claim under the act of June 7, 1832 has been examined, and the papers are herewith returned. The following is a statement of your case in a tabular form. On comparing these papers with the following rules and the subjoined notes, you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed, before a pension, can be allowed. The notes and the regulations will show what is necessary to be done. Those points to which your attention is more particularly directed, you will find marked in the margin with a brace (thus: }). You will, when you return your papers to the Department send this printed letter with them and you will by complying with this request ___ ____ ____ ____

A. Statement showing the Service of Hugh Pierce

Period when Service was Rendered

Duration of claimants Services


Months Days Rank of Claimant Names and Rank of the Company officers whom he served Names and Rank of the General and Field officers Battles in which the Applicant was engaged. Country through which he marched Place of abode when he entered the service and age at the present period Evidence by which the ____ is supported.
1775 vd   2   Private Capt Ins Wood          
2 July 1776   6    

Col Henderson

Major Col Thomas

      83 years Lawsone’s Fork Ninety six Co to a Witnesses  
Thinks 1780   3    

W.W. Cox ford

Capt Jne. Fetavas

1781   2     Capt Afariry          
    2     Capt Lacy          
    1     Col. Thos. Neal          


I am respectfully

Your obedient servant


Commissioner of Pensions

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