Instructions on the Handling of Pass Cards
for Players and Coaches


Player and Coach Cards

  1. As stated at Las Cruces Youth Soccer League web site, For Coaches, Coaches and Referee Handbook, section 6.5 PLAYER PASSCARDS - "After submitting your documentation to register players and the data is entered into the computer, you will receive a two part card for each player. One part is the player‘s membership card (blue); the other is the player's passcard (white). Attach the player‘s picture to the back of the passcard (white). The registrar will need to stamp the card after the photo is attached. You must then laminate the card. You will need them at all games and at all tournaments. A reprinting fee will be required for any lost or damaged cards. Any player that does not have a passcard with a photo on it that has been stamped and laminated will not be allowed to play."

  2. The requirement of the card needing to be signed card has been changed to "where required."  There is an equivalent requirement for each coach having a pass card (see NMYSA rules section 3.06).

  3. The only exception to the above is if the team has a letter stating otherwise, which is signed by either the registrar, Erik Tuchfarber, or the president of LCYSL.  Keep the letter and indicate this situation in the comments section of the game report.

  4. You will be informed if there are any allowances for the first game of the season.

Retaining cards during a match

  1. This guideline is specifically  for ages U9 and up.  U6 and U8 games do not need to follow these guidelines, except for number 2, because cautions (yellow card) and ejections (red card) are not used.

  2. When checking teams, make sure there is a coach and player card for everyone on the team side.  Anyone without a card MUST be on the spectator's side of the field.

  3. DO NOT return cards to coach until the game is finished and you have removed cards for ejected players and coaches.

  4. If you forget to remove the card for ejected player or coach, inform the LCSRA president.

Note: Assistant referees, make sure that the center follows these guidelines.  If he refuses to do so, inform the president of LCSRA.

Turn in Cards

  1. Player's and coaches' cards that are retained due to ejection must be turned into the Field Marshall for LCYSL before leaving the fields.
  2. If you can not find the Field Marshall then take the cards to the LCYSL office at 1485 N. Main, Suite C.  This is across the street from a Pizza Hut in what is named the Coronado Center.  There is a slot in the door where the cards may be slipped into the office.
  3. If a game is terminated due to no coach - coach(es) were ejected - turn in the entire team's set of cards.

Cards that Are Accidentally Kept After the Game

  1. Turn in the cards to the LCYSL office promptly.
  2. Inform the LCYSL scheduler, Erik Tuchfarber, or the LCSRA president which game and team did not get their cards back.