A Fresh, Reflective Study of
the New Covenant Church

Identity -- History -- Mission
by Al Maxey

What is "the church" of our Lord, and how will
we know it when we see it? What is its purpose?
Its mission? Its greatest challenges? Was it ever, or
is it presently, in need of restoration or reformation?
What happened to the church during the past 2000
years? What are we to do about sectarianism in the
church? Schisms? Factions? Is there a path to unity,
harmony, oneness? Is there only "one true church"?

This fresh new study is now available for
purchase. It consists of audio recordings (MP3
format) of all 14 of my 45-50 minute classes on
the church, and both of my in-depth handouts.
This series was presented in my Sunday morning
adult Bible class from March 29 - June 28, 2015.
I believe you will find this series of lessons to be
challenging, enlightening, and very encouraging!

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