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The 2009 Reflections CD Is Now Available. The CD of all the Reflections articles from the past twelve months is now available for purchase on a very special autographed CD for only $10. This includes all shipping costs. Please send either cash or, even better, a check made out to "Al Maxey." This may be ordered in either HTML or WORD formats. Just specify your format preference when ordering. The CD will be mailed out to you the very same day your order is received.

The 2009 PowerPoint Sermons CD Is Now Available. There are 48 complete PowerPoint sermons on this CD: all lessons that I presented here on Sunday mornings during 2009. The 2007 & 2008 CDs were very well-received, and I think you'll find the 2009 presentations even more dynamic. There is also some bonus material on the 2009 CD -- (1) Twenty-four MS Word handouts which are full outlines and questions dealing with half of the sermons presented in 2009 -- these handouts were used in our small group studies, and (2) eight audio sermons (in MP3 format) delivered on Sunday mornings in November and December. I believe you'll find all of this material very interesting and useful. The cost is only $15, which also covers shipping. For a complete listing of all the sermon titles for the 2009 CD Click Here.

The Maxey Debates CD. This CD is also still available for purchase. Click Here for ordering information. [NOTE: This CD also contains the Maxey-Broking Debate on Patternism.]

May our God richly bless you all this coming year, and may His matchless grace be upon you! Also, I sincerely thank you for your continued prayerful support of this ministry! May our Father continue to use it to touch hearts and change lives in 2010, bringing more and more precious souls to Freedom in Christ Jesus.