Our 2006 Vacation

"My what has been canceled?!"

Well, thankfully, I have kinder keepers than the poor fellow pictured above! My vacation is still on schedule. It has been a wonderful year of service to our Lord, our congregation, and to all of you who weekly take time to consider my Reflections on various topics and texts. But, no matter how much one enjoys one's work, it is still good to get away for a time of physical relaxation and mental renewal. That time is here once again for Shelly and me.

We will be leaving in a couple of days for our middle son's home in Missouri, and look forward to our leisurely drive through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. We'll be worshipping with the Union Hill Church of Christ in Nixa, MO on Father's Day, and will enjoy the sights of the Springfield - Branson area for the entire next week. We especially look forward to Silver Dollar City, one of our favorite spots. Most enjoyable of all, however, will be the time spent with our son, his wife, and three of our six grandchildren. We intend to spoil them rotten ... and then make a run for it.

Since we will be on vacation for the next few weeks (off to various locations), my Reflections will also be on a vacation schedule -- which means there may, or there may not, be articles sent out during the next few weeks. These studies will return to their normal weekly distribution, however, after my return to work on July 9. Until then, may God bless each of you, and we thank you for your continued support of this ministry. Please keep us in your prayers as we put a few thousand miles on our little blue Honda Accord.