Maxey - Thrasher Debate

Eternal Destiny of the Wicked
Perpetual Torment or Ultimate Extinction
(An In-Depth Biblical Discussion)

Monday, November 25, 2002

Concluding Thoughts by
Thomas Thrasher

Al suggested a short summary article to bring this discussion to a close. Therefore, I will not seek to re-argue the points made from the Bible passages I have introduced in the course of our study. The passages quoted are clear, despite Al's efforts to overthrow them.

From the beginning of this discussion, my opponent's articles have been permeated with quotations from so-called "scholars." It would be superfluous for me to call to our readers' attention again the failure of this approach to PROVE what the Bible teaches. Even Al has admitted this, yet he persists in taking that approach.

In my previous article I cited a number of men (some of whom Al recognizes as "reputable ones") who expressed disagreement with aspects of Al's theory. My opponent characterized them as setting forth "typical misunderstanding of the biblical text and traditional misrepresentations that have persisted for sufficient time to be regarded by the undiscerning as Truth." He refers to "the writings of these deceived disciples." He attacks the character and good name of several gospel preachers. I need not defend them from the attacks of people like Al; they are perfectly capable of doing that themselves.

Nevertheless, from Al's reaction to those citations I gave, all of us can surely comprehend Al's criteria of acceptable "scholarship." A true "scholar" is someone who agrees with Al!!! Those who disagree with his views are "deceived disciples"! Their writings are simply "repeated regurgitations of the traditional tenets of" some "pagan-based theory"! They ought "to cease proclaiming the 'gospel of the Serpent' and return to the pure gospel of our Savior." Of course, Leroy Garrett, Edward Fudge, and the host of denominational writers quoted by Al are real "scholars"! Yea, verily, we ought to bow before the altar of their opinions!

Al reminds us once more that he does "not do oral debates." He neglects to offer any scriptural justification for this refusal. Perhaps he is just following in the steps of his friends, Leroy Garrett and Edward Fudge -- they won't submit to having their views tested in oral debate either!

In closing this discussion, I want to quote the writings of a few more inspired men:

Despite all of the efforts of Al Maxey to overthrow the clear teaching of God's word concerning the eternal destiny of the wicked, I hope that all of us will continue to "do some serious reflection upon the inspired writings, and that with an open heart and mind" we will accept what God's word teaches, regardless of what Al and his so-called "scholars" believe and teach.

The Bible still says, "And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal" (Matthew 25:46).

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