Maxey - Martin Dialogue

An Email Exchange Between

Al Maxey, Minister/Elder
Cuba Avenue Church of Christ
Alamogordo, New Mexico


David Martin, Pastor
Solid Rock Baptist Church
Bartlett, Tennessee

Comments by David Martin

Friday, August 2, 2002

Mr. Maxey,

Hope all is well with you this fine day. I would like to comment on your answers to this "confused Baptist pastor." Time permitting, I will send further comments on your article over the course of the next few weeks and months.

Let me start with your introductory remarks, where you confirm that much of what I say is true within a certain segment of the "church of Christ" congregations, and from whom you appear to distance yourself.

Mr. Maxey says:

My response --- I agree with you that there is diversity of beliefs and practices among the Baptists, and that is true of the CoC as well. However, there must be a core set of doctrines that a group adheres to in order to be orthodox. My discussions with CoC people have been those in the Southern U.S. and the ones that I have had input from are what you call extremist. They would consider you liberal, I am sure. Is there any authoritative source from where I can obtain the core beliefs of the "church of Christ"? As you state that there are many different flavors of your fellowship, just what is it that distinguishes your group as the "church of Christ"?

Mr. Maxey says:

My response --- You here affirm that my understanding of the doctrines of the church of Christ as held by some within your fellowship are correct.

Mr. Maxey says:

My response --- Then we are in agreement that the views that I am opposed to deserve to be exposed as the perversions of scriptural truth that they are.

Mr. Maxey says:

My response --- I would like to answer that question with a resounding YES. Salvation is not in religion or religious duties or ceremonies, but is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. God can save anyone of any denomination (or of no religious affiliation) if that person will repent of his sins and put his/her complete faith and trust in Christ and what He did on Calvary for them to save them. As the Bible says: "Salvation is of the LORD." It is not of a church, denomination or religion. Anyone who will receive Christ as their personal Saviour God will save (John 1:12).

Mr. Maxey says:

My response --- I am glad to hear Mr. Maxey clarify this. And also to hear him affirm that there really are congregations within the "church of Christ" that do believe the way that I have stated. I would venture to say that there are far more CoC churches than Baptist churches that believe salvation is in their church. I personally do not know of one Baptist church that would teach such nonsense. I agree with you that such a view is wrong, radical, exclusionary and needs to be exposed.

Mr. Maxey says:

My response --- I have met and read those in the CoC who teach that the blood is contacted in the waters of baptism, therefore equating baptism with being washed in the blood. This is heresy, and if you do not believe this Mr. Maxey, then you are not the same stripe of CoC that I have debated with. Even those would argue they do not believe that, but they do nonetheless. I hope that you do not believe such nonsense yourself.

Until next time.

Sincerely Yours,
In Christ's Name,

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