Maxey - Martin Dialogue

An Email Exchange Between

Al Maxey, Minister/Elder
Cuba Avenue Church of Christ
Alamogordo, New Mexico


David Martin, Pastor
Solid Rock Baptist Church
Bartlett, Tennessee

Comments by David Martin

Sunday, August 4, 2002

Mr. Maxey,

Hello again. I have read your response to my first e-mail.

I don't do our webpage, someone outside of our church does. If I can coordinate with him, I'll put this exchange on the internet.

I would like to add an addendum to my first reply to you, regarding your introduction, and some of the statements that follow in the body of your answers. This is just a thought...

The gist that I get is that you are saying, "I'm just like you (me, the Baptist)" in a lot of ways. It seems that you are in agreement with me on many issues that I register opposition to in my article, and that I have made the mistake of thinking that ALL church of Christ congregations STILL believe the way they used to way back in the 50's because of a FEW congregations within your circle that still do. From what you have said, MOST of the "CoC" folks have been more enlightened in recent years and seen the errors of the "old-time" CoC. Am I correct? If so, can I expect that you will stand without apology against the "old-time" CoC ways and teachings that are in error?

BTW, I am curious to know where MAX LUCADO fits into the Church of Christ landscape? (He dots the landscape of Southern Baptist and other Christian bookstores.)

Until next time,

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