Maxey - Martin Dialogue

An Email Exchange Between

Al Maxey, Minister/Elder
Cuba Avenue Church of Christ
Alamogordo, New Mexico


David Martin, Pastor
Solid Rock Baptist Church
Bartlett, Tennessee

Comments by David Martin

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Okay, Al, you say...

Now, is this "smoke and mirrors," or what? Larry Ray holds the positions that I have stated in my article, and doesn't deny that he does. You don't, yet, you say you are representative of the majority. Who is to say? Larry Ray would not agree with you on that point. It goes back to my analogy of "hopping all over the pond."

I really don't think that we are going to get anywhere with our discussion, Al.

Since we are both heretics in the each other's eyes, we need to REJECT one another per Titus 3:10,11. And in light of 2 Timothy 2:14,16,23, I believe that we must AVOID the "foolish and unlearned questions" that we are posing to one another. That would be biblical conduct on both our parts.

The bottom line is that if you and I continue to discuss and "debate" (Rom.1:29), that we are giving credence to the other's perceived false doctrines and heresies. As I believe you are a heretic and a false teacher, I must, to obey scripture, reject you as such (Titus 3:10,11), and as I think your reasonings and arguments "foolish and unlearned" (2 Tim. 2:23), I must, to obey scripture, AVOID them. If you would like to continue this discussion on your end, then I must assume that you consider my questions WISE and INTELLIGENT and LOGICAL, not "foolish and unlearned." And if you choose to continue our dialogue, I must assume that you do not consider me a heretic or false teacher who needs to be rejected, or "accursed," for that matter (Gal. 1:8,9).

Let's obey the Bible, Al.

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