A Brief Email Exchange
Al Maxey & Ray Meier

July 29-30, 2002

Background Information

Pastor David Martin of the Solid Rock Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN has produced an obvious challenge to those within the churches of Christ in his article Common Sense Questions A "Church Of Christ" Preacher Cannot Clearly Answer. The full text of this article can be found on Pastor Martin's web site at the following URL:


In a brief biographical statement pertaining to Pastor Martin, and sketching the origin of the article in question, the following comment appears:

"This is one of the most controversial articles
on the church of Christ you will find anywhere.
No church of Christ preacher can satisfactorily
answer any of the questions posed by Pastor Martin."

I decided to rise to Pastor Martin's challenge to our fellowship, and thus I provided a lengthy, biblical, reasoned response.


Pastor Martin has yet to reply with a single word to me. He is either unwilling or unable to defend his position.

A friend of his, however, has chosen to respond to what I wrote. Pastor Ray Meier, of the Liberty Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas, sent an email to Pastor Martin (and sent a copy to me) explaining how to deal with what "the Campbellite wrote about baptism." I replied to Ray the next day, and then he sent a reply to that email. Below you will find the full, unedited text (spelling and grammatical errors included) of these three emails between Pastor Meier and myself. I think you will find it an eye-opening experience, and it will give you a deeper insight into the true nature of these two men .... and the identity of their true master.

From: Ray Meier --- raycmeier@email.msn.com
To: Al Maxey --- maxey@zianet.com
Date: Monday, July 29, 2002 -- 9:29 PM

Hi Bro. Dave,

I read the article that the Campbellite wrote about baptism. He has compromised so far that he has compromised himself into compromise. He no longer believes nor stands for anything.

One thing I would ask him to do is ask for a list of other campbellites that would subscribe to his drivel .... since there are so many of them as he stated so many times. I've never talked to any campbellite that compromised as much as this guy. I know this that 25 years ago, the campbellites started changing, because they saw what their stanch stance for water salvation had brought them. They were losing members (leaking out ... ha ha). So, even Central C of C here in Amarillo had a t.v. ad "we don't care what your lifestyle is," ... just attend Central C of C. That was when the language of "lifestyle" was being used by the queers. Even so, I have talked with the former pastor Dick Marcear at length at the health club here at the YMCA. Also, been in a struggle to get a young fellow that had gotten saved under my ministry, and then had married a campbellite girl after he had gotten backslidden .... tried to get them out of there. When the chips were down, the old devil made it clear that cambellites believed in sewer system salvation.

I don't know who this fellow is trying to fool. He is just using good words, and fair speeches to deceive the hearts of the simple by his compromise. Of the 1000 campbellites that I have talked to through the years, I've never met a one who talked like him. They were all plain that water saves. Whether they be C of C, or Disciples of Christ, they were all plain that water saves.

He almost said it in his weasel (I mean his explanation) of 1 Peter 3:21.

If I were you, when I answer him, I would use a little Greek on him too, but I would use the Greek letters instead of transliterations. I'd run a little Hebrew at him too, just to blow his gaskets.

If you look at the Greek word "eis" you will see that there are better than 20 ways it can be translated into English, of which "for" is only one. Then the English word "for" can be defined in over 20 ways. A perfect foundation for a water-dog.

I'll read his "slosh" on the King James tomorrow .... or the next day, or the next day, or ....

From: Al Maxey --- maxey@zianet.com
To: Ray Meier --- raycmeier@email.msn.com
Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 -- 8:07 AM

Good Morning Ray,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your email to David Martin. That was kind of you, and I appreciate the gesture. It appears from the tone and content of your letter that your friend is sending out an appeal for help in responding to my article in which I sought to explain our views and refute his confused analysis. Thus far I have received no response to the various points I made in my response to him. If you have any influence with this man perhaps you can encourage him to be open and honest enough to engage me in a reasoned, rational and respectful dialogue centered upon the Word of God.

Ray, with all due respect, both you and David need to seriously reconsider your methodology when seeking to confront others with what you perceive to be the error of their ways. Yes, we should all stand boldly for Truth, but there is a significant difference between CONTENDING for the faith and being CONTENTIOUS for the faith. The latter serves only to widen the rift between disciples and is not conducive to bringing someone to a greater perception of Truth. Christians should avoid the inflammatory rhetoric, evidenced by both you and David, if they are truly intent upon convicting others of their error. The approach you have adopted has been characterized by some as little more than "redneck theology." Surely you would prefer not to be perceived in such a light and to have your teaching taken seriously. Your approach to those with whom you differ will have much to do with that. Thus, if you are looking for a serious analysis of God's Word, in which both sides display respect for one another, I would be happy to engage you in such an exchange. The same holds true for David Martin. If it's name-calling, character assassination, and a profusion of pejoratives that appeals to you, then I'm afraid you and I are living in different worlds spiritually ... and may well be serving a different master.

Thus far, Ray, neither you nor David have addressed ANY of the points of clarification I raised in my published response. Rather than characterizing my teaching as "drivel," why not instead take each point and discuss it from the Word of God. If my assertions are truly "drivel" then it should not take too much of an effort for you or David to refute them with solid exegesis of the Scriptures. SHOW me where I am wrong, Ray, don't just SAY that I am. I believe there were 13 different questions raised by David that I addressed in my response. Take each one of those and demonstrate specifically how my statements contradict the Word of God. This should not be too difficult for you since what I said was just "drivel." Also, feel free to throw in Greek and Hebrew, if you like. None of my gaskets will blow.

Ray, I am asking both you and David to please enter into a reasoned, rational, respectful dialogue on the areas in which we seem to differ, and to do so with the Word of God as our standard. Truth has nothing to fear from open and honest investigation, and I hereby challenge you to join with me in such an investigation. I will NOT get into a "mud slinging" contest with you, however. Whenever and wherever God's people "sling mud" at one another, they only succeed in "losing ground." Let's work toward better understanding among those who claim to be children of God and seek to bring down some of the barriers which separate us. Are you willing? Either of you? If so, I'm eager to begin our study. If not, then I pray God will deal mercifully with you and bring you to a greater enlightenment with respect to His Word and Will.

With Christian Love,

From: Ray Meier --- raycmeier@email.msn.com
To: Al Maxey --- maxey@zianet.com
Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 -- 4:02 PM

Dear Water Dog,

Actually, I had no intent on sending you a copy of the e-mail. It was intended for private viewing by my friend. I apologize for rattling your cage.

You give yourself too much credit friend. (Matt 22:12, 26:50) He is quite capable of handling any Campellite by himself. Me, I have no time for such trivialities. Neither do I spend a lot of time arguing with J.W.'s or Mormons......who also claim to be my "brother". It's an old tactic.

He's a friend of mine, he dosen't answer to me. You should ask yourself why should anyone play this game according to the rules that you set up. That shows your lack of experience in dealing with the real world of spiritual degradation. You've obviously been raised in a hot-house ministerially speaking. Where Bro. Dave and I come from, we must minister all the way from little children to the riots of Pauline type of street ministry. The way you contend for the faith is the same way that Jesus did, Paul did, and John the Baptist did. You call names, you slow bellied Campbellite, you serpent, you generation of.......see what I mean. You answer one fool according to his folly, and you answer another type of fool not according to his folly. It just depends on which kind of fool is being dealt with. (a preposition is a word you never end a sentence with)

The error you've made is that Bro. Dave is not trying to convice any dyed in the wool Campbellite like yourself of anything. You just go on and believe anything you want to.

Tit 3:10 A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;

He's trying to rescue the little lambs that are about to be taken captive by you. That's why I wrote my Mormon tract, not to convice the president of the Mormon church that he's wrong, but to keep that neighbor on my street from biting into their heresy when they come by on their bicycles.

This above statement should reveal to you what a hypocrite you are.....except that I doubt if your conscience is alive enough after all these years of searing it to realize it anymore. It's wrong for Bro. Dave to call names, and demean "the bretheren", but it's ok for you to do it...ha ha. Typical of every J.W. preacher that I've ever spent time with in years past. Go call them "brother". You are more related to them than you are to me.

You don't understand, friend, Dave and I are preachers. Our job is to proclaim, not out-argue, not to debate. That's what you Campbellites have excelled at since the days of "Brother Alexander ". We don't have to be taken seriously, or not-seriously. The Holy Ghost does the convicting when the word of God is proclaimed. Whether they accept it, or reject it, they will still be accountable for it at the judgement. I have been ordered by the scriptures not to spend too much time "messing" with you. That's the Lord's business.

1Ti 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

It sounds to me as if you are educated above the level of your intellegence. That can be a problem

I'll bet you would, and take time away from two fruitful ministries. That tactic is called "disctraction" in combat.

2Cor 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. (that last phrase there)

I must agree with you here.

You fit in here: Ro 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and BY GOOD WORDS AND FAIR SPEECHES deceive the hearts of the simple.

And we're trying to fit in here: 2Cor 10:10 For his letters, say they, are weighty and powerful; but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech contemptible.

This is what the world, and worldly christians, thinks of the Pauline ministry. Acts 20:20f It's not until later, after the Lord has brought "a season" in their life that the fruit is ready to be harvested......enough....too much explaination.

Yes, it does. I'm taking time out of VBS right now, just to be courteous, and answer you back. After all, you are a human being, and one of my country men. I owe you an answer. If I rub salt into your wounds, and open you up with the sword of the Spirit until you are (spiritually speaking) bleeding all over the place, that is what I am supposed to do. Debating with you is not what I am supposed to do. (Romans 1:29) That's what you want to do, is take the servant of the Lord (Bro. Dave, or me, or ANY other servant of the Lord) away from his job. You Campbellites have excelled at that for almost 200 years. (you do the math) I used to try to "out-argue" every heretic that I ran into. I quit that back in the 80's. It's a waste of time. Now, all I do is (figuratively speaking) while I am talking to the jack-ass in his ear, I am squirting down his rear-end with lighter fluid, then when I am through, I strike a match, and watch him he-haw all over the pasture, just a buckin' and a kickin'.

Nope, don't want to take the time. Fear, or lack of abilitiy to deal with Cambelleitically inclined issues is not the issue. There are people out there that are seeking the truth. You are not one of them. If I knocked on your door, and you started sloshing around, I'd just give you a hell tract, and go to the next house, because somewhere down that street is somebody whom the Holy Ghost has been dealing with. That's the person I'm looking for.

You can ask Bro. Dave if he wants to, he dosen't answer to me. When you boast to your friends about the Baptist preacher in Amarillo that was too scared to debate you, just pause long enough for the voice of your conscience to remind you (if you can still hear it) that it wasn't fear, or lack of preparation....it was just lack of interest in killing snakes instead of catching fish.