The Nature of Man
and His Eternal Destiny
by Al Maxey

Is man inherently immortal? Does man have
a soul? Do animals? What is meant by the terms
body, soul, spirit? What happens at death? What
are Hades & Sheol? Is Hell torture or termination?
What about the Rich Man & Lazarus? What is the
undying worm? What is meant by the New Heavens
and Earth? Will we know each other there? Did
Jesus Christ fully pay the price for man's sin, or
was it only a token payment? Plus much more!

This five month study is now available for
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this topic, as well as all 25 of my in-depth handouts.
This study was presented in my Sunday morning
adult Bible class from June-Oct, 2012. I believe
you will find this in-depth biblical study to be
challenging & enlightening & life-changing.

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