To get your very own personal copy of my new book From Ruin To Resurrection (ISBN -- 978-1-6324-9441-2), or to order several copies for friends, family, members of your congregation or the church library, it may be ordered through your local bookstore by giving them the name of the author, publisher, book title (and ISBN). You may also purchase it through and on Kindle. My fourth book, "From Ruin to Resurrection," deals with the nature of man and his eternal destiny. It seeks to provide a rational, biblical response to such questions as: who are we and where are we going? Do men possess immortal souls or spirits that depart the body at death for some other realm? Is Hell going to be endless torture, or does the Bible teach a different fate for the wicked? What is Heaven going to be like? What happens to the dead between death and judgment? These are all questions that each of us have asked at some point in our lives. The Bible provides an answer that might surprise people; an answer that will be examined in this book.

Edward Fudge, an author, lecturer and attorney, who wrote the Foreword for this new book, declared: "Al Maxey is not timid, naturally reticent, or afraid to stand and declare his honest thinking in public. Yet his mind is not set in concrete, and he is both willing and able to learn from others. Our models in this regard are the ancient Bereans who heard 'new' preaching from a visitor named Paul. They welcomed his ongoing message tentatively but with an open mind. And each day they determined the truthfulness of what they were hearing by comparing it with the Jewish Scriptures they already knew. For taking that approach, Dr. Luke called the Bereans 'noble' (literally: 'well-born' or 'high-class'), adding that they looked even better when compared to their neighbors over at Thessalonica (Acts 17:11-12). By this measure, Al is 'high-class' too. ... Al's mind has changed concerning the purpose of hell -- i.e., it was not intended to torment forever people who can never die, but to destroy finally and forever people who, without God's gift of immortality, cannot possibly continue to live. Soon Al was rethinking not only hell, but also human nature and immortality, death and life, the so-called 'intermediate state' between death and resurrection, judgment, heaven, and much more. He has been preaching, teaching and spreading his understanding of Scripture on these themes ever since, making him perhaps the most influential popular presenter of this 'Conditionalist' (biblical) understanding in the Churches of Christ today. ... Whatever Scripture teaches is what is ultimately right, and following it we will never go wrong. Thank you, Al Maxey, for demonstrating this so eloquently in your ministry."

Dr. Donald Givens, a dear friend, a fellow minister with whom I served a number of years in Hawaii, and with whom I have been as close as a brother for well over 20 years, and best-selling author (whose book "Storms of Life" has the Foreword written by country singing/recording star Randy Travis), wrote, "This book by a Bible scholar and long time personal friend is astoundingly enlightening, very informative, and amazingly easy to understand. We must always seek the biblical TRUTH, rather than being blindly bound to human traditions. Al Maxey, in my judgment, is a genuine Bible scholar who is always seeking to grow toward a better understanding of God's divine Word. I recommend From Ruin To Resurrection highly: it will help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, although it may disturb you and shake up your brain if you are bound to human traditions! Get a copy of this new book NOW, as this book answers so many questions sincere brethren have about the afterlife. It is the BEST discussion of this topic."

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It is my hope and prayer that you will be edified and encouraged by this study, and that you will freely and widely recommend it to those you know. Please keep this book in your prayers that it may touch many people's hearts and lives, and that it may help the Lord's children, as they go forth into the world proclaiming the Good News, to share a message of grace, mercy and hope with respect to the nature of man and his eternal destiny.