Encounters with Jesus
Reflecting on the Transforming Power
of a Personal Meeting with the Messiah

by Al Maxey

As we journey through the four Gospels and Acts,
we shall examine in some depth how various persons
were impacted by their encounter with Jesus Christ,
and the life-transforming lessons we today can learn
from those meetings. We see how our Lord's family
was transformed; how He dealt with those who hated
Him; how He reached out to the outcast and scorned.
It is a study that will help us view Jesus in a new light,
and give perspective to our own encounter with Him.

This seventeen week series of in-depth Bible
studies consists of audio recordings (MP3
format) of all 17 of my 45-50 minute classes on
this topic, as well as eight of my in-depth handouts.
This study was presented in my Sunday morning
adult Bible class from Nov. 3, 2013 - Feb. 23, 2014.
It also includes two audio sermons preached at this
time which go along with the class, as well as
the PowerPoint slides accompanying
each sermon. May God bless you.

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