Help Them Be One

Al Maxey
April 19, 2004

Alone in a garden, His work nearly done,
He prayed for His people: "Lord, let them be one!
Protect them from evil, guard them with care,
Never desert them, always be there."

A blood soaked brow pressed by a crown;
Briars and thistles brought walls tumbling down.
Slave and free, Greek and Jew;
Factions made futile, family made new.

"Father, forgive them," He whispered above,
Looking on hatred, pouring forth love.
Agony and suffering, misery and pain;
Stripes for our healing, death for our gain.

A criminal's cross, a rich man's tomb,
A stone at the door, deepening the gloom.
The heavens went dark, the earth felt a quake;
God came to man, gave His life for our sake.

I view His passion through eyes filled with tears,
Yet know His gift will endure through the years.
'Twas for freedom He died, thus in freedom I live.
To see others free, my life would I give.

Liberty is costly, the price was God's Son.
A life given freely; a victory won.
My pledge to the Father, my pledge to His Son:
I'll work with Your people, I'll help them be ONE.